Amps Microwave Pusher System

Amps Microwave Pusher System

The model MW-1515T continuous microwave pusher furnace is the third generation continuous furnace manufactured by SYNOTHERM Corporation.

It is a highly efficient and completely automated system, which is mainly used in high-temperature sintering, high-temperature reactions, and high-temperature heat treatment of ceramic parts, ceramic powder materials, PM parts, metal powder materials and dielectric materials.

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Specification: AMPS Pusher System

Model: AMPS 0915-3615T
Floor Footprint: 2M x 6M to 2M x 18M
Maximum Sintering Temperature: 1600˚C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: 0.3% ± 1 Degree
Maximum Output Power: 9-36 kW
Power Control Accuracy: Programmable digital Input  < ± 2%
Magnetron Life: > 5000 Hours
Atmosphere: Air / nitrogen / inert gas / gas mixture / incl reducing gases
Cooling: Water-cooled  10m³/ hr
Microwave Leakage Level: < 1.0 mW/cm²
Going Green  –  Improving Technology with a faster, cleaner and more efficient energy

Microwave systems generally heat only the objects to be processed, not the furnace walls or atmosphere – so they produce a substantially smaller carbon footprint, less pollutants and lower operating and end product costs.

This, along with up to 90% shorter processing times, and a corresponding decrease of up to 80% in energy consumption makes them the economical, environmental and technological choice for today and tomorrow


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