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Syno-therm manufacturers high temperature microwave furnaces for the powdered metals and advanced ceramic industries including furnaces designed specifically for dental laboratories.

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In todays fast-paced production environment, this new technology is providing significant energy savings of up to 80%, and reduction of sintering times for zirconia and other dental ceramics to as little as one tenth of the time of conventional radiant heat sintering furnaces.

These industrial microwave systems are capable of heating ceramics up to 1600˚C and are offered with a choice of vacuum or gas atmosphere options. They produce sintered ceramics having far greater density and hardness with finer grain size.
Synotherm microwave furnaces are valued for their ease of use, reliability, efficiency and accuracy.

Their furnaces are typically used in metallurgy, ceramic, chemical industries, especially for manufacturing thin grain metallic powders, various carbides, magnetic products, special ferroalloys, structural ceramics, functional ceramics, top-grade art porcelains, daily-use porcelains and construction porcelains, various chemical raw materials, as well as high-temperature processing of metal minerals. Syno-Therm has exclusive rights to several patents in microwave technology and a majority position in the domestic and international market.

Innovation – Infrared Pyrometer

This temperature sensing system directly measures the surface temperature of the ceramic material remotely.

Water Cooling

This is the first water cooled microwave dental furnace offered with an exhaust system designed to lower the temperature of the furnace in preparation for multiple use cycles and to ensure the longest life of the industrial grade components.

One Touch Controls

A Windows based colour touch screen panel on the face of the unit with external USB port allows for the
the simplest and most flexible programming options.

Faster & Better

With dental labs under constant pressure to produce faster and better products at lower costs, microwave accuracy within 0.3% accuracy, using a contact free IR pyrometer sintering tests

In addition to improving sintering turn-around times by 80% and saving on labour costs, microwave sintering will also significantly decrease power costs typically by more than 90% compared to radiant sintering.Also with same-day turn-around there are fewer urgent deliveries and overnight return shipping

Up to 20% Stronger

Because microwave energy penetrates deep into the ceramic materials better than air heating radiant furnaces, zirconia and other ceramics sintered in microwave furnaces are up to 20% stronger & denser (using ISO 6872 bending strength ). When viewed under an electron microscope microwave sintered zirconia is denser and more uniformly compacted. 

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