Prometheus Pro7 Mini-Kiln

This multifunction kiln was designed for:

  • Enamelling
  • Metal art clays (Art Clay, PMC, BronzClay, Accent Gold, Metal Clay Veneer)
  • decal firing
  • china painting
  • dichroic glass
  • glass bead annealing
  • glass fusing
  • and many more.……. 

This makes it an ideal kiln for jewellery and craft workshops, home studio or art centres.

The Prometheus Pro 7 kiln is front opening, fires to 1150C (a higher maximum temperature than most other brands of this size).  The Kiln is available with three alternative ¼ din size (72mmx72mm) digital controllers; 

Note: The Pro-7 is also available with a bottom hinged bead door, Model  Pro-7 PG-BD – designed specially for glass bead annealing.

Each stage represents a ramp where you choose (program) how fast the kiln heats up or cools down.

For example: it can heat up to 800°C over 75 minutes, or cool down from 960°C to room temperature over 180 minutes.  The Ramp Function can be enabled, or disabled, using a set of key presses on the controller (described in the kiln manual).

Models Available

Base model: Pro-7 Set maximum temperature and hold.
Intermediate model: Pro-7T Set maximum temperature and timed hold 
Fully Programmable model: Pro-7 PG 8 stages (1 program x 8 stages or 2 program x 4 stages)






Prometheus Pro-7 comes with a very reliable digital controller. 


Volts : 230 V
Amps : 8.2 A
Watts : 1900 W
Temp. Control : Digital
Max. Temp : 1150 ºC
Outer Dimensions : Width: 36.0 cm x Depth: 37.0 cm x Height: 43.5 cm
Inner Dimensions : Width: 23.0 cm x Depth: 20.5 cm x Height: 15.5 cm
Volume : 7.3 litres
Weight : 22 Kg.
Warranty : 1 Year; excluding improper storage and usage

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