Prometheus Pro1 Mini-Kiln

Applications: Art Clay, PMC, Dichroics, Enamels, And Glass

This multifunction kiln has been in use for many years and is one of the most popular small kilns on the market.

The applications are almost endless despite it's small size:

  • Enamelling
  • metal art clays (Art Clay, PMC, BronzClay, Accent Gold, Metal Clay Veneer)
  • decal firing
  • china painting
  • dichroic glass
  • glass bead annealing
  • glass fusing
  • and many more…….

This makes it an ideal kiln for jewellery and craft workshops, home studio or art centres.

It's portability (weighs only 5.9kg) and the fact that it will plug into any normal 240volt power outlet makes it great to take to craft fairs, demonstrations, and exhibitions.

The Prometheus Pro 1 kiln is front opening, fires to 1095C (a higher maximum temperature than most other brands of this size).

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Models Available:

Base model Pro-1 Set maximum temperature and hold.
Intermediate model Pro-1T Set maximum temperature and timed hold
Fully Programmable model Pro-1 RMP8 8 stages (1 program x 8 stages or 2 program x 4 stages)




Technical Specifications – Prometheus Pro 1

Volts: 240 V
Amps: 3.2A
Watts: 800 W
Max Temp: 1095C
Outer Size: Width 22.5 cm x Depth 22.0 cm x Height 28.0 cm
Inner Size: Width 11.5 cm x Depth 13.5 cm x Height 7.0 cm
Weight: 5.7 Kg.
Outer Case: Steel – slotted for air circulation
Inner Lining: Vacuum formed ceramic fibre
Heating Method: Wire wound “kanthal” elements – embedded in ceramic fibre
(heating from top, sides and bottom)
Vents :1 x fume vent in door
1 x hard ceramic fibre shelf 100 mm x 120 mm x 10 mm (included)
1 x soft ceramic fibre cloth 100 mm x 120 mm ( “ )
1 x ceramic fibre paper 100 mm x 120 mm ( “ )


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