Kiln repairs service and spares

Thermal Technologies is a supplier of Kilns and associate equipment and also provide Kiln repairs, Kiln Services and Kiln Spare Parts.

In the near future we will be adding a simple shopping cart for all our products especially spare parts.

Spares will be supplied Australia wide and Repairs & Service will be limited to NSW

Some of the spares we supply are Kiln Shelves, Kiln Furniture, Kiln Supplies, Kiln Electric parts, Kiln elements and much more.

Contact Peter on: 02 9602 1670 Peter Geddes or use the contact form.

Here is a list of the products supplied by Thermal Technologies.

Product Range

Kilns Hobby PMC Kilns Hobby Glass KilnsWarm Glass Studio Kilns Hot Glass Studio Kilns Ceramic Studio
Furnaces Laboratory Furnaces Dental Furnaces Alloy Casting Furnaces Microwave Autoclaves Tabletop

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