About EDG


EDG Equipment and Controls was established in 1976 in São Carlos city, 234 km from the capital of Brazil – São Paulo.

EDG started in a 300m² area meeting the needs of the dental technicians and professionals producing specific equipment to replace more expensive imported brands but still with an emphasis to provide extremely high quality.

The savings offered to the dental professionals were significant, and helped make their businesses more profitable.

Paying attention to international market trends and techniques, EDG has enabled the Latin American dental professional to be always up to date with state of the art equipment and news.

Today many of the revolutionary products manufactured by EDG for the Brazilian dental industry, currently considered one of the best in the world, are now found in over 26 countries across five continents including both Europe and the USA, with authorized partners in over 130 cities worldwide.

Some of the many products developed & produced by EDG are listed below.

Thermo polymerizing machine : made photo resins as ISOSIT & similar popular in the market.

Burn-out furnaces : for controlled expansion of investments

Porcelain furnaces : offered with patented cooling systems

Pressed porcelain furnaces : the beginning of metal free techniques.

Sintering & infiltration furnaces : starting further development of alumina glass and zirconia glass composites

Electric casting machines : the beginning of the casting technique.

Induction casting machines : high technology precision casting without blowpipe or fire.

EDG currently owns a 15,000 m² industrial park and also has model laboratories that promote testing on new products in heavy duty conditions, with a guarantee of total research before market launching.

EDG also provides technical assistance and high technology research equipment for universities, quality and control laboratories, and industry.

EDG is a partner dental company providing innovative solutions worldwide.

Thermal Technologies Australia is proud to be associate with the EDG company and welcomes any enquiries re their products


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