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Bench-top Mini-size Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Sterilizer (WG-C15B.T)

Dental Autoclaves

Dental Cad/Cam
Digital Dentist

State of the art
Dental Specific Software

Crystal Zirconia
Crystal Zirconia

CRYSTAL Zirconia blanks are available for an ever-growing variety of modern dental laboratory milling systems

Australian Supplier of Furnaces Kilns and Autoclaves

Peter Geddes Thermal Technologies Australia We help our customers understand how to get the best results faster easier and for less money, even at times when perhaps they have absolutely no idea of what equipment they need, how it works or where to get it.

Trading as Thermal Technologies Australia, we have one of the world’s most comprehensive range of kilns furnaces and autoclaves.

Kilns furnaces and autoclaves will almost certainly cost you less at Thermal Technologies because we specialize in only these products. As a specialist supplier with more than 35 years experience in the field of thermal engineering, we are able to operate with costs that are fully 15-20 percentage points below those incurred by our competitors.

We pass the benefits of this low cost structure along to our customers. As a regular service, we will be sending out updates on our products, to customers who want a long distance opportunity to inspect our special offers, as well as the latest news on innovations in kiln, furnace and autoclave technologies.

This will be a low key way for our customers to conveniently see the exceptional values that we offer.

Product Range

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